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Client Comments

What I appreciate most about Brian is that he is accessible. I am able to call and ask questions about things I don’t understand. I’m not charged for this. I’m not pushed off to an assistant. I get his attention and expertise. If he’s not in, he calls back. Right away. Pretty unusual from my experience with attorneys.

- Jan B.

Brian was very clear and thorough from the beginning. At our initial meeting he explained how everything would work, the cost and what he would require from us. What impressed me most was that he made sure our wishes were considered and incorporated into our final documents. If we die, I want to ensure someone will be here to take care of [our children] the way my husband and I do. We have that in place now and can rest knowing we do.

- Jill S.

There were many decisions that had to be thought through. Brian helped us with all of them. What I’m appreciative of now is that Brian reviews our trust every three years and has us re-look at our trustees and written guidelines. Brian doesn’t throw us to the wind. I feel that [our son] is protected now which means [my husband] and I have a peace of mind we never did before.

- Rita V.

Brian is not only a trusted legal advisor, but also a good friend. He is a man of faith who understands the importance of family and the many legal tools available to protect family relationships and assets. Brian looks beyond the legal aspects of estate planning (which he is very aware of) and thinks through the emotional impact of any plan he develops. I now rest at ease knowing that our teenage son will be well cared for in the event of the untimely death of my wife and me and not subject to the uncertainties of government child protection. .... My wife and I were both impressed by the thoroughness of the plan, the speed at which it was delivered, and how the transfers of assets to our Living Trust were made. We highly recommend Brian. We hope that your professional estate planning experience with him grows into the friendship that we enjoy.

- Scott N.

My wife and I are both nearing our seventieth year. We first learned about Brian when a certified financial planner here in Napa suggested that we look at his website. Our old estate plan had been completed eight years earlier, and it needed updating. We also wanted to set up separate, specialized IRA Inheritance Trusts for the benefit of our grandsons. When we met Brian in his Sacramento office, we were impressed with his professionalism and personal attention. We were also impressed with the new estate planning portfolio that he created for us, including an updated Living Trust and the two IRA Inheritance Trusts. During the whole process, he communicated with our financial advisor to make sure everything would work correctly. Brian’s office staff are easy to work with and his fees are "up front" and are all inclusive. Most importantly, he performs periodic reviews and sustains an ongoing lifetime relationship with our family.

- Harold F., M.D.

My parents live in Sacramento, and it was important to them to put a Living Trust in place. But they did not know where to start. Brian Wyatt was recommended by one of his colleagues in the Bay Area. During the planning sessions with Brian, we found him to be very informative and very patient. He was extremely good at explaining things in a simple and direct manner. However, my parents do not understand English as well as Chinese, and many times throughout the session, Brian would have to pause so that I could translate to them. Not once did we feel that Brian was rushing us or feeling frustrated with how the sessions were probably going longer than usual. We would recommend Brian in a heartbeat and are fortunate to have received the referral for his services.

- Channing L.

We came to Brian knowing that we needed to do something about our estate. I had been procrastinating and thinking I would buy a book on "do it yourself " revocable living trusts. Well, the book only convinced me that I needed a professional to educate us and prepare all the necessary documents. With three children in college and us looking forward to a new season, (maybe even retirement for me,) protecting our home and finances for the future had become a priority. Brian was excellent in all aspects and made us feel comfortable with the complexities of revocable living trusts. The relief and assurance we feel now was well worth the effort and cost. Of course, we also appreciate that we"ve known Brian for many years and are very comfortable entrusting this important process to him on behalf of our family.

- Pat W.

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