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Sacramento Living Trust Attorney Brian Wyatt Urges Review of Older Trusts

If you live in California and have more than $150,000 in assets, having a living trust is usually a very good idea.  If the trust is well-drafted and properly funded, it should help you avoid probate. Probate in California is an expensive, public, time-consuming process.
So, if you’ve already done your living trust, kudos to you.
I do recommend, however, that you have your trust reviewed regularly.  What seemed like a good plan when you signed your documents may no longer fit your circumstances.
Plus, if you’re married, dramatic changes in the U.S. tax code in the past 10 years mean that your older trust may be unnecessarily complicated.  We are seeing a lot of these older trusts in our practice and would be pleased to review yours.  Let us help you determine whether a few changes could eliminate a hassle for your surviving spouse.  Click here to set up a consultation.


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